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To meet the ever growing challenges the United States and our allies face in the 21st century, it's critical that the Navy’s mission can be carried out effectively, which requires fleets to possess the capability of underway (UNREP) replenishment systems at sea for extended periods of time to remain fully ready to carry out their critical duties.

Global/SFC Valve is proud to support this mission with our dedication to providing the highest quality underway replenishment systems to allow refueling at sea and the replenishment of ammunition, provisions, and spare parts for underway ships. With Global/SFC Valve’s UNREP systems, the Navy and our NATO allies can remain ready to carry out their mission any where in the world.

Our (UNREP) underway replenishment systems include adapters, cargo bags, bridles, caps, clamps, hose couplings, fittings, hose assemblies, plugs and flow through saddles.

When you work with Global/SFC Valve, you are partnering with a proven leader in the provision of underway replenishment systems and one that is absolutely dedicated to responding to the needs of our customers promptly, efficiently and cost effectively.


Global / SFC Valve is proud to be the industry leader in the manufacturing, assembly, testing and inventory of U.S. Navy standard valves and components. For over 20 years, Global/SFC Valve has provided trusted, dependable and high-quality U.S. Navy valves and services to our customers in the United States Navy and Naval Shipyards throughout the country.

At Global/SFC Valve, we consistently maintain the highest levels of quality and efficiency as we manufacture the complete line of Navy standard valves including the 525 Stop and Stopcheck Valves in carbon, stainless steel and monel from ¼” to 2”.

All of our valves are supplied with our Certificate of Compliance and documentation for Level 1/Subsafe, X-3 and X-4 Nuclear is also available.

Global / SFC Valve Reliability

Global/SFC Valve is the leader in manufacturing underway replenishment systems including repair and refurbishing of UNREP systems and components.

Global/SFC Valve manufactures, assembles, tests and inventories U.S. Navy Underway Replenishment Systems (UNREP) and Refueling at Sea (FAS) equipment, as well as Navy Standard Valves, Components and Sub-Assemblies

Our CAGE / CCR Codes

  • CAGE 1GZ83
  • CAGE 32373
  • CAGE 7H596
  • CCR 004353561
  • CCR 153747266