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FAS | Refueling at Sea, Fueling at Sea

Global / SFC Valve has earned a reputation for providing the highest quality refueling at sea fluid and fuel transfer systems. Our customers in the US Navy, Naval Shipyards and NATO allied navies, work with Global SFC and our refueling at sea systems because of our unyielding dedication to serving them and providing them with the support they need – from providing efficient and cost-effective replacement parts services to the delivery of complete high quality fluid and fuel transfer systems.

Global / SFC Valve is also proud to be the only US Navy designated repair facility for refueling at sea probe and receiver assemblies, single and double.

  • Refueling Receivers, Single and Double
  • Adapters, Aluminum, Male and Female
  • Couplings, Male and Female, 2-1/2” through 7” per MIL-C-24356
  • Clamps, Split , 2-1/2” through 7” per MIL-C-24356
  • Hose Assemblies, 2-1/2” through 7” per MIL-H-22240, Refueling and Discharge
  • Hose Assemblies, Reinforced, Receiver, 7”
  • Caps and Plugs, Hose, 2-1/2” through 7”
  • Reducers, 2-1/2” through 8”
  • Fittings, Riding Line, 2-1/2” through 7”
  • Saddles, 2-1/2” through 7”, Types A and B

Global / SFC Valve Refueling at Sea, Fluid and Fuel Transfer Components: To learn more about Global / SFC Valve’s refueling at sea, fuel and fluid transfer capabilities and systems, please contact us or submit a request for information today.

GSFC Reliability

Global/SFC Valve is the leader in manufacturing underway replenishment systems including repair and refurbishing of UNREP systems and components.

Global/SFC Valve manufactures, assembles, tests and inventories U.S. Navy Underway Replenishment Systems (UNREP) and Refueling at Sea (FAS) equipment, as well as Navy Standard Valves, Components and Sub-Assemblies

Our Cage and CCR Codes:

  • CAGE 1GZ83
  • CAGE 32373
  • CAGE 7H596
  • CCR 004353561
  • CCR 153747266