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Sea Cargo Bags | Shot Line Return Bags

Global / SFC Valve replenishment at sea cargo bags consist of a square bottom medium texture number 6 cotton canvas bag reinforced with cotton webbing, cotton webbing slings and a becket. The Sea Cargo Bag is used for the underway transfer of material. The sea cargo bag is also referred to as a shot line return bag.

Cargo Bag For UNREP Systems Shot Line Return Bag For UNREP Systems
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GSFC Reliability

Global/SFC Valve is the leader in manufacturing underway replenishment systems including repair and refurbishing of UNREP systems and components.

Global/SFC Valve manufactures, assembles, tests and inventories U.S. Navy Underway Replenishment Systems (UNREP) and Refueling at Sea (FAS) equipment, as well as Navy Standard Valves, Components and Sub-Assemblies

Our Cage and CCR Codes:

  • CAGE 1GZ83
  • CAGE 32373
  • CAGE 7H596
  • CCR 004353561
  • CCR 153747266