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Messenger Bridle Assembly for UNREP Systems

Global / SFC Valve’s replenishment at sea Messenger Bridle Assembly is used to tow the horse rig messenger and messenger buoy during streaming the rig by the delivery ship. During hook up of the rig the bridle provides a means of hogging in the hose while the end of the hose is being connected to the fuel riser.

BRIDLE Drawing 2227937
Stress Wire, Double Probe

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GSFC Reliability

Global/SFC Valve is the leader in manufacturing underway replenishment systems including repair and refurbishing of UNREP systems and components.

Global/SFC Valve manufactures, assembles, tests and inventories U.S. Navy Underway Replenishment Systems (UNREP) and Refueling at Sea (FAS) equipment, as well as Navy Standard Valves, Components and Sub-Assemblies

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