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UNREP - Assembly Tool Kits and Instructions

The Global / SFC Valve (formerly Aeroquip©) Assembly Tool Kits are used to install or remove the re-attachable segmented hose couplings from a length of hose.

The FF759 and 1607 UNREP Assembly Tool Kits contain the assembly tool and accessory items necessary to assemble banded segment socket fittings on marine refueling hose. The FF759 Kit contains tooling for assembly of 4 segment fittings, sizes 2 1/2" and 4".

The 1607 UNREP Assembly Tool Kit is designed for 5 segment fittings in sizes 6" and 7". Component parts for both kits may be ordered individually as needed.

UNREP Assembly Tool Kit Instructions

Step 1

Slip the flat retaining ring on the hose. Place the nose ring over the nipple and insert the nipple into the hose until it bottoms on the nipple shoulder.
Step 2

Hook the segments under the nose ring and space them evenly around the hose.
Step 3

Open the assembly tool and attach it over the segments by inserting the locating pins into the hole in each segment. Adapter pads are required when assembling 2 1/2", 4" and 6" sizes. Although the FF759 Kit is a 4 segment tool, the assembly procedures are the same as the 1607 Kit.
Step 4

Wrench tighten the assembly tool sections uniformly around the fitting. Slide the retaining ring over the compressed segments. Loosen the assembly tool and remove. Use the reverse procedure to remove fittings from hose.

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