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SNVY | Boiler Blow Down Valves

Per MIL-V-17737F

Global / SFC Valve manufactures boiler blow down valves and is part of our Navy Standard valves product line.

  • Per MIL-V-17737F
  • 1-1/2” IPS
  • 600 or 1500 PSI
  • Hand wheel or T-Handle
  • Flanged Ends

What is a boiler blow down valve?

A boiler blow down valve is part of the boiler blow down process designed to control the amount of solids and sludge that accumulate inside a boiler to ensure proper levels of concentrated solids within the boiler water. When water is boiled and converted to steam concentrations of impurities re left behind and concentrate within the boiler. The solids build up inside the boiler unless the condensate return is 100%. The boiler blow down valve is designed to partially drain the boiler to remove or purge the boiler of excess solids or sludge to maintain the proper water to concentration of solids and to make the boiler perform in a more efficient and economical way.

Each boiler is different and thus affects the amount and frequency for the need for boiler blow down. Global / SFC Valve, offers its years of experience and quality to manufacture boiler blow down valves in accordance with ASME codes for safety and performance of the boiler.

All of our valves are supplied with our Certificate of Compliance and documentation for Level 1/Subsafe, X-3 and X-4 Nuclear is also available.

To learn more about Global SFC Navy Standard Valves and Components, contact us or submit a request for information today.

GSFC Qualifications

In everything that we do, Global / SFC Valve strives to consistently meet the highest standards our fighting men and women demand to accomplish their difficult missions. That’s why we're proud of our Quality Systems capabilities that include:

  • Per MIL-I-45208A
  • Per MIL-Q-9858A
  • ISO 9000
  • Level 1/Subsafe and Nuclear

Our Cage and CCR Codes:

  • CAGE 1GZ83
  • CAGE 32373
  • CAGE 7H596
  • CCR 004353561
  • CCR 153747266